Winter Waxing: Why You Should Definitely Wax Year Round

Hair Growth

One of the main issues with interrupting your wax routine for the winter is that it resets your hair growth cycle. The cycle has three stages: growth, slumber, and natural fallout. When you’re waxing you want to get all the hair, so ideally you want to wax during the first phase of your hair growth cycle.

This can be difficult during summertime especially when all you want is every single hair gone. Hence the reason why Winter is the best time to wax. You can maintain a regular routine to catch all the hair in the first phase of your hair growth. Waxing every 4 weeks or so will eventually allow all of your hair to come through at once so you don’t have any new hairs appearing a few days later.

Soon enough, your waxing results will last longer and by Summer you won’t need to worry about any stray hairs.

Diminished Pain

Also, let’s not forget that the more you wax, the less pain you’ll experience. You don’t want to get used to not having to wax during the Winter months and then have to suddenly face the pain waxing causes all over again. Essentially, the more you wax, the longer you’ll be able to go without waxing in the future.

If you go months without waxing, your hair growth cycle will start all over again, and that first wax of the Summer will be just as painful as your first-ever wax. Maintaining your wax ensures you won’t have that first-time feeling and your skin will not have to adjust to waxing again after such a long break.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a long-time waxer, or thinking of starting, Winter is the perfect time! Maintaining your wax routine or starting a new one in the winter ensures everything is smooth sailing once Summer rolls back around.

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