4 Dos and Don’ts You Should Know Before Your Massage

So you’ve booked a massage and are looking forward to relaxation and soothed muscles – all you have to do now is show up, right?

Well, not exactly. To get the most out of your massage session, there are a few ways you can prepare and some things you should defintely try to avoid. Check out our list of things you should and should not do before getting your massage.

DO: Hydrate

Being hydrated is important to a successful massage and to your overall well-being. While more focus on hydration occurs for your post-massage period, you shouldn’t get on a table without being somewhat hydrated. Being hydrated can help your kidneys flush out the toxins that are released during your massage. This doesn’t mean you need to chug water before your appointment, but its good to make sure your body has a good footing for your massage.

DON’T: Drink alcohol or over caffinate

While you might feel relaxed after having a few drinks, it may not mix well with your plans for a massage afterward. Alcohol dehydrates you, making your muscles less pliable and it can dull your senses causing you to miss out on really enjoying the full massage experience. Massage itself is dehydrating to our bodies, as it pushes and moves fluids out of our soft tissues, which can make any hint of a hangover worse. Similarly, caffine is dehydrating to the body and may inhibit your ability to fully relax during your massage.

DO: Dress in comfortable clothe

Choosing comfortable clothes pays off when your massage is over – no one likes to fumble around with too-tight or overly bulky clothes after enjoying a calming massage. So, skip out on uncomfortable clothes and shoes to keep your relaxation flowing into the rest of your day. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to choose comfy clothes that you may be okay with getting lotion or oil on since there may be some residue leftover from your massage.

DON’T: Apply lotions, oils, or topical medications

While applying lotions, oils, or certain topical medications may be part of your daily routine, it’s best to skip out on these on the day of your scheduled massage. Your massage therapist may use a lotion or an oil that might not mix well with your own – no one likes to feel sticky or slimey. Topical medications should also be avoided in preparation for your appointment, as they will likely be spread by your massage therapist to other areas of your body that may not react well.

DO: Arrive early for your appointment

Arriving early for your massage appointment not only helps you feel less rushed, it allows time for any questions or forms you might need to fill out before you get started. Arriving early can make the most of your scheduled time and helps avoid feeling any stress leading up to your massage. Try to arrive between 10-15 minutes early, if possible.early, if possible.

DON’T: Sunbathe

We all love a day in the sun, but if you are prone to sunburn (and even if you’re not) it’s best to avoid sunbathing. While you may not feel burned beforehand, you could experience some pain or discomfort from a sunburn during your massage due to inflammed or irritated skin. Sunbathing can cause inflammation and irriation over crucial areas for massage, such as your shoulders and back, leading to a poor massage experience and that could further damage skin.

DO: Make sure you use the bathroom

Because massage pushes the fluids from your muscles (and because your massage can last up to 90 minutes) it’s always recommended that you use the bathroom before you begin your massage. Due to the dehydrating nature of massage, many people may find themselves with the urge to use the bathroom after spending sometime on the massage table. Nothing kills relaxation like the sudden need to run to the bathroom

DON’T: Arrive with a full stomach

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a meal before your appointment but make sure not to arrive with a full stomach. Most massages apply some form of pressure to your back and therefore your stomach – which could cause a lot of discomfort during what should be a time for relaxation. If you are hungry before your appointment time, it’s recommended that you eat a lighter meal at least two hours prior and stick to easily digestable snacks, like fruits.

Now that you’ve got these ways to prepare for your next massage, you’ll de몭netly make the most of your appointment. Looking to book a deep tissue, Swedish, or hot stone massage? Adore Essence is a massage and spa service located in Gurnee, IL who offers top quality, rejuvinating services for your comfort and well being. Visit AdoreEssence.com or call (847)-809-6520

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