Benefits Of Cupping

The most challenging part of myofascial decompression (MFD), better known as cupping, is the bruise marks.

Almost everyone, athletes included, is left with circular marks from the negative pressure of the cups. These can last anywhere from three to seven days, sometimes even longer. Believe me, I make sure the client knows what he or she is in for. I make sure everyone understands the therapy and usually end up saying, “I’ll try it if it will help me get better.” Work is required by the client in order to see some of the best benefits possible.

Therapeutically Treats Most Injuries

I’ve been using MFD in my practice for a few years now. I’ve used it therapeutically to treat almost any injury, from plantar fasciitis to hamstring strains to myofascial restrictions unrelated to injury. I’m surprisingly pleased with how many people are asking for repeat treatments. Although they all complain about how sore it makes them, they are pleased and excited with the outcomes: increased flexibility, fewer restrictions, and an overall feeling of being better.

Years Of Benefits

Cupping has been used for centuries for health maintenance and to treat functional disorders. Cupping draws out stagnation and toxins and mobilizes the blood, qi and lymph to restore healthy functioning. This treatment can address issues with muscle injuries, the common cold, and digestive orders.

What Are The Cups For?

Silicone moving cups are a versatile and are a natural extension of the therapists’s hands. This modality is effortless and immediately effective in repairing and remodeling the layers of fascia by removing congestion caused by injury, pain, and limited range of motion. Suction strength is Home · About  · Services  · Blog  · Contact Book Nowremoving congestion caused by injury, pain, and limited range of motion. Suction strength is easily adjusted and makes the cups more readily to address contoured areas that ridged cups cannot. Silicone cups are used to address areas such as neck, shoulder, hips, scars, and stretch marks.

Works Well For Anyone

The extensive list of medical benefits is what keeps me using and expanding my knowledge of MFD. I’ve done a before and after with several people. I assess their range of motion before the treatment, especially hamstrings, and compare it with post-treatment results. I have found two techniques that are most helpful. They both require active movement from the client after the cups have been placed:The first is an active flexion/extension movement. Although painful at the start, most people indicate more movement. After treatment the range of motion increases by ten to fifteen degrees.For athletes, the more aggressive technique has that athlete prone, leg off the table, hip flexed, and knee flexed. The goal is to get the heel down and extend the knee. If they can get the heel to touch the ground then that is excellent progress.

Restores Movement For The Active

Swimmers and runners often inquire about MFD. After a cupping therapy session, motion increases and they are always happy with the results. Plans are usually scheduled for doing another treatment before a big event or before a physical test. It’s wonderfully exciting to see the success achieved by the athletes.FD has its benefits for everyone. I cannot say if it is the right treatment for everyone. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. My focus is on active motion and as a way of relaxation.

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